Rachel Alford


Military Outreach

Rachel is a talented lace knitter who has recently moved to the Fairbanks Area. She has embraced the knitting community and we are so lucky to have her! Bio coming soon....


Natasha Prax


Social Media Management

I was born and raised in Fairbanks, as was my spouse, and we are happy to be raising our children in such a unique community. I first learned to knit from my grandmother when I was a child. I picked up knitting again as an adult, and with the help of some encouraging friends I began slowly building my skills. I learned how to crochet just a few years ago from another grandmother. She taught me using her mother's crochet hooks, in the style that her grandmother had taught her.

My goal in serving the IKCC is to encourage those who have never participated in the yarn arts, or who want to improve their beginners skills. We have such a wonderful and supportive local community, and the journey to building your skillset can more fun and less frustrating than you think. I am currently finding joy watching my children learn to knit and crochet with their school. Through the IKCC, I hope find ways to share these skills with children in our community.


Kalin Seaton

Vice President, Membership Coordinator

I was born and (mostly) raised in the St. Croix River area of Minnesota. I came to Alaska to attend UAF in 1994 and discovered that Fairbanks is the overblown version of everything I loved about the outdoors of Minnesota. So I stayed. I’ve spent the last 22 years exploring and experiencing the wild wonders of Alaska. For many years, this kept me from embracing creative arts because they weren’t very portable or compatible with other activities. Then I discovered knitting.

During the 2006 Winter Olympics, I stayed with a family of avid sports fans and found myself going slightly bonkers after 3-4 hours of television each night. My friend took pity on me and taught me to knit. It was chocolate and peanut butter from the first completed project. Knitting became a constructive outlet when I had to sit still, a way to make useful items that people actually requested and wore with pride. My knitting now travels with me everywhere. I find constant inspiration in the combination of specific knitwear needs, the fabulous fibers that can be found in Fairbanks, and the challenge of new techniques. It’s amazing what you can create with a couple of sticks and some string!


Rita St. Louis


 I was raised on a cattle and sheep ranch in northwest Colorado. I attended several universities, earning an MS in Science Education at Oregon State and another in Wildlife Biology at University of Washington. I came to Alaska in 1981 intending to stay only one year. Instead, I fell in love with Alaska and its people and I am happy to call Fairbanks home.


My mother-in-law taught me how to knit coat hanger covers. Then a few years ago, with the encouragement and generous help from other knitters, I branched into making other things. I really like to feel lovely yarn and to create beautiful garments. Above all, I enjoys the comradery of other knitters.